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What to look out for

You’re here because you’re looking for fake ID right?


Why else would you be searching for fake ID forums? We’re the number 1 fake ID forum, there’s no other site that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for like we can!

Unlike what a lot of  sites claim, there aren’t that many scams. Most fake ID sites/sellers are legit. As long as you’re not doing anything dumb like mailing cash to China you’ll get your ID.

  • But will it be a good ID?
  • Will it take 6 months to arrive?
  • Will it scan?
  • Will it have real holograms or crappy “Genuine” ones that look fake as fuck?
  • Will it work with people who know what they’re looking for or will it only fool that idiot in the local liquor store?


Many fake ID sites are around these days, and most deliver an ID, but that’s not all we care about. There are some fake ID vendors who use generic holograms that say “authentic secure” like these  which is the biggest give-away possible and any bouncer will know it’s fake a mile off. Many sites haven’t updated their fake ID templates and still sell IDs that are outdated by 3 years. Some even sell completely made up templates that look NOTHING like the original! Thats why we created FakeIDReview.net, so that all the resources you need to find out where to buy a decent fake ID is in one place.

From our experience most fake ID vendors are legitimate, but there are a few scams out there mostly operated by the same individual. If it’s listed on underground-review or 21overnight it’s a scam! If you avoid his websites you’re likely to be fine but the major differences are in the quality.

Quality is the main differentiating factor between most of the fake ID vendors on the market today, and quality is the most important factor when you’re spending $100 or more. No one wants a fake ID that gets taken on their first attempt to use it!

We all want a good, high quality, scannable fake ID that fools even the most on-the-ball bouncer. We want to go clubbing and bar hopping not just buying cases of PBR at the local sketchy-ass liquor store where they’d probably serve you with “I am 21” scrawled on a square of cardboard.

Not only is quality a major concern, so is delivery time. Some of the vendors we’ve ordered from take 6 MONTHS to deliver. It might as well be a scam, no one wants to wait 6 months. We want an ID within a couple weeks, we appreciate we’re ordering something illegal and that it’s not the same as ordering off Amazon, but we still expect a decent delivery time for our fake ID.

And the third most important thing we believe after quality and delivery time is customer service. Some of the vendors barely respond to emails, which isn’t a major problem, but good communication is a factor, we want to know we’re not being ripped off. So our fake ID reviews focus on these main factors. Quality, delivery and communication.

Another factor is the options available for payment, but since it’s up to the sellers how they want to handle their own security arrangements we felt maybe it’s best to leave it to them how they want to be paid. Yes, bitcoins are a pain, but if it means they can stay in business longer then thats a good thing.


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Not all fake IDs are created equally, and we’re here to tell you what’s best!


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